Thursday, June 9, 2011

A teenage dream

NKOTBSB June 7 at the Bell Center in Montreal AKA Best Day Everrrr!!!
After a very long awaited return, The Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block came back for one last (hopefully not) hurrah. The show was hands down the best BSB concert (Ive been to almost all of them since I was in Grade 5) I have attended. The energy in the stadium was insane! I loved how every single person knew every single word to every single song. The songs were echoing through the entire building along with the signature high pitched screams that come with all BSB concerts. Although New Kids were pretty awesome, The Backstreet Boys were clearly the fan favorites. AJ and Brian made a surprise walk through our section to get to the stage towards the end of the show. I know how corny it sounds but I must share with you all how to touched Aj's hand and got a huge smile from Brian!!! My night was made. .  .but little did I know it was just the beginning ! 
Mr. Louboutin getting ready for a night out! thanks Sim!! xoxox (that's a great friend)
After the concert we quickly changed and headed straight to Light Ultraclub on Crescent st. downtown for the after party!!

   Loubies made it out to the bar with us. After arriving at Light, Sim and I ended up in the DJ booth with Nick Carter (I can die now). We went back up to the booth to hang out with Nick and Howie. Nick loved my infamous spiked bracelet!!! This was definitely such an incredible night!! thanks so so much to Simran for being the best concert buddy ever and NickV.  for making our teenage dreams come true! <3
The Following sums up Sim and I the entire night! 
thanks to Reno for the pics!!!

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