Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Demüre ... Demü ...I mean Demüre

Hey Everyone!! So this will be a little bit a rant and I apologize in advance. Apparently there has been a few confused Demü junkies out there. 
The brand is still alive and going strong, we did not change the name to Demüre, it's still Demü and we are working harder than ever to produce a fully custom collection for next season. You may have noticed we haven't been overloading you with posts on the Demü blog lately. Frankly, because we truly believe less is more. We want to keep everyone filled in on what the team at Demü is up to, sparing you of all the boring details.  
The Demüre blog has focused mainly on Trends, DIYs, fashion shows, events and anything we find way too cool not share! 
In the next few days, the Demüre blog and the Demü blog will merge into one blog focusing on all things revolving around fashion, trends, events and of course Demü!! 
Both blogs have become increasingly popular in the past few months, we appreciate all of your comments and daily check ins!  

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