Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Demü Backstage at AMTI Showcase

People always seem to be so curious as to what really goes on backstage at fashion shows. This is why I figured I would document my time backstage at the big AMTI showcase last Saturday, May 28 at the War Museum in Ottawa. I took many pictures of all the action so all you Demu Junkies could get a real sense of the chaos that happens behind those curtains. . . . .
I organize each and every look and hang the garments on a rack and label each hanger with the appropriate model's name on the front of it. I also include all accessories each model wear in a clear plastic bag also labeled with the models name and tied around the same hanger. This allows all outfits to remain together and in order when things get crazy and models need to take it upon themselves to find their looks and dress themselves.
 Demu was given 26 models for the showcase , thats almost double the amount an average designer would receive. We were so happy to be able to make such an impact, but to pull it off you must be organized!!!
I had a stack of papers with lists on them by my side at the show. Lists or the order of the models, their names, measurements, pictures. Each models look with all the accessories must also be noted. It takes days of planning before putting on a proper show and the bulk of it is writing out these lists and organizing yourself properly to be fully prepped for the actual night.
7:30 pm - The night of the big Fashion Show!! Designers arrive backstage and find there assigned racks and tables. We lug everything in ourselves, steamers, over-sized ikea bags and all in heels! I like to organize myself right away by hanging everything in the order in which teh models will be walking then laying out all appropriate accessories on the table and having my list in a good area for quick reference.
The atmosphere backstage pre-show is so lively, everyone is taking pictures and laughing it up! Its definitely one of my favorite times of the night.
8- :30 pm The hair and makeup crew are putting the finishing touches on the models so they are picture perfect!
Accesories are all prepped and ready to hit the runway!
8:45pm - VIPs are escorted to their seats, swag bags in hand and get ready for the intro.
PopChampagne, fashion keeper and Love K are definitely some of my fav bloggers! They all covered the show and did an amazing job. What makes a great VIP? They are always, Always! Always! ON TIME! , front row and ready to snap away!
Organizers post up the order of the designers ! Liane Cote was amaaazing!!
Bloggers and press arrive backstage for interviews and pictures.
I goof and laugh around a lot backstage with the models and other designers, I always try to have fun and never take myself too seriously. Bam!

Simran doing her thing!!

Me with one of our models , Lilly.
No designer can do all this his/herself! We always need GOOD help! Simran helped me out on Saturday, dressing models, organizing, prepping and so much more! Thanks so much Sim!! xox
9pm - One last check over everything then we start dressing all the models and the chaos begins!!
One thing Ive learnt is that as crazy is it gets backstage, everything Always works out and all the models end up dressed and on the runway. So just go with the flow, enjoy it and most of all . . . have fun!!
Andre, the co-owner of Demu, joins us for the after party! Sushi at Kinki!!


Ashley said...

I love behind the scenes pics! It's so interesting seeing what goes into putting an event like this together!


Julia Vorob'eva said...

ah, what an amazing show! Loved your collection! YEAH to Demu Label!!!!!!! thanks for the shout out! :)
P.S.: You are the cutest couple ever! :)