Monday, May 16, 2011

Save The Date!

The "Chick Flick" , often leaving every man in the theater desperately searching to see if any of his fellow male species have also been tortuously dragged into the same dark room in hopes of justifying their presence there and perhaps not feel like as much of a tool. Although this was no 2 and a half hour Sex and The City flick there was still a hefty dose of estrogen in the kool-aid. Bridesmaid was in short, The Hangover for chicks. Only they are 6 girls...and the bride doesn't get lost and end up on a roof.. and they actually don't even go to Vegas, or have a bachelorette and they definitely don't find any tigers or babies in their hotel room but you will laugh just as much. They are still a hilarious group of ladies and this movie is definitely worth seeing whether you are a girl, guy or crazy bridezilla dying to see any possible flick having to do with a wedding.
I give this movie 4 Bridal Shower Gift Puppies out of 5!


City Girl (EC1) said...

It sounds brilliant, can't wait! :) x

Ashley said...

I want to see this so badly, I've heard so many good reviews for it!