Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jack is Back !

It is definitely not unheard of for the fourth installment of a famous series to flop! aaaannndd cue : Indiana Jones, Final destination, Shrek, Rambo, Scream, Land Before Time 4 through 36. . .you get my point.
Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides surely had very high demands to meet as the Pirates movie franchise has made Disney over 2.6 Billion 
Cap’n Jack Sparrow, played by The Depp, escapes from London and learns that someone is impersonating him in order to create a crew to find the fountain of youth. As he is determined to get to the fountain first, he quickly draws sail with Captain Barbosa (Geoffrey Rush), old flame Angelica (Depp's Blow co-star Penelope Cruz) being Cruz, she's Spanish, sexy and feisty. . .and that's about it. Finally, the legendary pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane), a leathery skinned captain whose orange complexion suggests he's spent long years trapped in a tanning bed or the roof of Caesar's Palace.
 The Pirates of The Caribbean movies are always entertaining as was this one yet the problem is that its all become very predictable or insanely confusing. Why are there zombies on the ship? and why are they part of the crew? Why is there a voodoo doll of Jack and where the F did it come from? Since when does Jack Sparrow's ship have Go-Go-Gadget flamethrowers?
You're not James Bond, rock the sword Jack !
I give this movie 3 hot mermaids out of 5

Special thank to Rob for Inviting us to the premiere! 

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