Monday, May 2, 2011


Toronto's Alternative Fashion Week (FAT) was from Tuesday April 26 until Friday April 29. The event went so far beyond my expectations and was definitely not just the average runway shows we are use to seeing. A crazy collective mix of fashion, art, photography, film, dance and music rocked the stages at FAT. I absolutely adored the creativity of the shows, nothing was taken too seriously and every night was all about having a good time and enjoying art in all its radical forms. 

Arriving in Toronto Wednesday, Natural Currencies was the theme of my first day at FAT. For those of you wondering FAT stands for, its Fashion. Art. Toronto. Designers and artists showcased there work on the runway throughout the entire evening. Here are my favorites from day 1 at FAT. 
Loft 604
Super well tailored, casual menswear. So chic!
I loved the cohesiveness of the collection. Little details like the neon armbands really brought the entire line together and made it so fun!
 The collection was very St Tropez, I loved the down to earth feel of the casual resort wear.

Worth by David C. Wigley
The short Black Swan inspired intro was incredible. The designs were amazing, my personal fav was the finally piece, a flowing maxi dress with leather details. Available at
Ica Watermelon by Julia Knupfer
The knitwear collection was so flirtatious and girly. I loved the soft look of the pieces and I adored the headbands!
Colleen Booth
A live fight on stage in her designs rather than the typical runway walk! So entertaining and unique! 
Nettie Blanche
This line had a 50s housewife feel and was so precious! The music and attitude of the models really completed the concept. 

The Make Den
Such a fun collection, I loved the attitude! Once I saw the fur, leopard print and sequins I was sold!
Mackenzie Jones
 Definitely the crowd favorite. Shouts of "Genius!" and "Amazing!!!" were heard during the show. Models came out as couples and the pieces just kept getting more and more unbelievable. The theme of fur horns and antlers was consistent through the collection,and as the antlers got bigger the crowd got crazier. I loved the amount of thought and detail that went into not only the collection but the presentation as well. Great work ladies!!

Here are some pics from the first night at FAT
Teddy's on auction to raise money for charity, I loved these little guys!
With Jet Phynx  - Preformed the next night! Loving the Blue cup movement!

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Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

Looks so cool! :D

Pop Champagne said...

your pics turned out awesome!


Marcia B. said...

whoooa love all these pictures. Your pink dress is so hot!! Love ICA Watermelon!


WOW I WISH I WAS THERE AMAZING CLOTHES ... Hi my name is Monzie,...i really like your blog please feel free to check out my blog.. and if you like my blog id love for us to you to follow each other.

startupdance said...

whoa...completely different than I expected. It's so out there!

Trine said...

Wow, looks so cool! I love love LOVE the shirt with all the holes!! Can be styled in so many different (fabulous) ways!

XX Trine from Denmark