Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ottawa Gala 2011

 Last Saturday was the yearly Ottawa Gala. The event took place at the government conference center, the old Ottawa train station was the perfect setting to the Midnight in Marrakech theme. Ottawa's young professionals gathered at the gorgeous venue to raise money for the Ottawa School Breakfast program. 
Tickets sold for 60$ each , however for the VIP tickets the price was 125$ which allowed us to indulge in the open bar and delicious snacks including poutine martinis !
After 11pm (when the open bar became a cash bar) the VIP section quickly cleared out and everyone moved to the dance floor. I adored the theme ; palm trees, belly dancers, Moroccan food, lanterns, sounds, aromas and so many little details really added to the exotic charm of the night. 

Julie from PopChampagne , Ryan from Hot 899 and Myself 

Chris , Mayor Jim Watson and Roselle

Roselle, Me and Julie hit up the dance floor

Kate and Julie taking full advantage of the open bar

Julie and I with Mayor Jim Watson  

 I loved the Moroccan themed decor


Pop Champagne said...

hahaa what fun pictures!!

startupdance said...

Oh man, that looks one heck of a gala! What a great set up/venue!

ashley mcconnell said...

Look like fun. Great pictures.