Friday, March 18, 2011

Say Hello to the New Demü

Demü Label vows to bolster self confidence by designing unique garments with an extreme attention to detail and quality. It will also do so by creating a sense of community through the strategic branding of the Demü Label name, the distribution of our garments and the coordination of events that connect our customers.

Behind the mask: 
My name is Andre Bellemare, co-founder of Demü Label. My partner, Angie Fisher is also our head designer. She’s the creative mind behind all Demü Label designs. A Carleton University Architecture graduate, she made the seamless transition in to the fashion industry with her avant-garde train of thought and her unwillingness to conform. Angie brought her first Demü Label collection “Addicted” to market in September of 2009. 
I’m a dreamer who can't draw, cut or sew. I bring what I learnt in my days as a book worm to help execute the things that happen behind the scenes, while Angie brings her unique artistic vision to insure you always look flawless in your Demü Label garment. 
Demü stems from the word "Demütig", a German term that denotes Humble; the human characteristic we deemed one of the most admirable. Regardless of where this venture may take us, the entire Demü team will remember its humble beginnings of designing garments out of our basement and selling out of the trunk of a car. Demü will remind us to never take anything for granted and always give back to the world that provided us with the opportunity to write our own story and give us control of our own destiny.

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Laura Tenshi said...

Just saw Julie's post on her blog with the collection and I just had to stop by your blog to say you guys did an awesome job. Love the superhero theme and your post is very inspirational.