Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Move B*tch!

If you have ever seen me at a Demü Label fashion show I am often sporting my signature spike bracelet. It all started when my little secret "weapon" came in very useful at a show we did at a two-story venue which was packed with people and I had to make my way to the other end of the building within 2 minutes for the beginning of the show. Lets just say, if you have 2 inch spikes sticking out of your wrist, people will move! Punk is very in this spring! we saw so much leather, rips, chains and of course..spikes on the runways this season. Here are some splurge and steal items to bring out your inner punk!
Splurge on Ruthie Davis Shoes! They are all the rage right now. Wondering where to buy Ruthie Davis shoes? Check out and  watch out though, they will put a huge dent in your wallet at around 1500$

At 183$ these Sam Eldelman spiked pumps are a Steal ! They are much more affordable than the Ruthy David pumps ! find them at
  Although still a major splurge, I could never leave out
Christian Louboutin 950 CAD  ($975) - barneys

Splurge - 395$ CAD (250 GBP) -         Steal - spiked ring by Noir Jewelry -48$

Steal - H &M spiked bracelet - 10$       Splurge - Alex and Ani Braclet -  250$ at Saks  

Demü Tunic - Beatles Abbey Road -
Spiked Bracelet - H&M
Shearling biker boots - Aldo Shoes
Leather tights - American Apparel 
Leather vest - Style Exchange 

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