Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Manifesto of Mother Monster in Ottawa

Hairspray, glitter, spandex and 12 thousand little monsters filled ScotiaBank Place Sunday Night for The Monster Ball! Lady Gaga put on an outrageously entertaining show. With an elaborate stage setup, starting out as a stripper infested garage, to a religiously rebelious train station which then transformed into a gigantic moving monster that looked like the creepy fish from Finding Nemo. 
In the beginning of the show, Gaga's mic messed up and was very scratchy ,she quickly grabbed a second microphone and screamed "At least now you all know I dont F*!#ing lip-sync!". The crowd went nuts and clearly loved the rawness of her performance and how appreciative she was for her fans and their support. She thanked the audience many times and explained how she remembered coming to Ottawa a few years ago and how there was only 30 people in the crowd. 
She then explained how people use to always ask 
"Why do you dress like thaaaaat?" "Why do you talk like thaaaat?" 
She then said "I never knew what the f*#! to say! and now I finally figured it out... 
Its because  I was born this way" 

 Lady Gaga takes to the stage at Scotiabank Place, in Ottawa, on March 6, 2011.

Lady Gaga takes to the stage at Scotiabank Place, in Ottawa, on March 6, 2011.

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aki! said...

Wow. I'm such a Gaga fan. She has an incredible stage presence. I've never been to a concert though. This looked like fun. Gaga concerts always do...