Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wine and Cheese

We recently attended an incredible wine and cheese. Throwing a successful wine and cheese party takes careful planning and attention to detail, here are some tips we picked up on how to do it right !

Step One ... Organize and Categorize by country. Choose 3-5 countries as themes for sections for your wines which you will later pair with the appropriate cheeses. This party had a French , Italian, Australian, Mexican and Dessert section. 
Step two.... Pair a selection of 5-6 cheeses per station as well as appropriate appetizers. 
Here are a few ideas for cheeses: French (Brie, Camembert, St. Andre)
Italian ( Parmigiano Reggiano, provolone, mozzarella)
Australia ( Goudas, and strong cheeses)
Mexico ( Jalapeno cheese, mexican cheese ball)
our host also had a small separate plate of blue cheeses
Step Three.... The extras ! make sure to make ample amounts of diverse crackers and baguettes, no one wants just cheese! Little appetizers like puff pastries, pear and blue cheese, olive assortment, nacho dip , sushi and chips.
Step four ...dessert ! there was an incredible array of Rochef chocolates and chocolate fountain with fruits all paired with dessert and ice wines.
Step five.. Champagne!! a must at every question ! 
Step six ... Prep!!! get everything ready days before, step up plates,Wine bottles, sections and decor. Prep your cheese plates the day prior by typing up the according names and making little labels (don't throw out the stickers on your cheese when you buy them or you wont know which is which!) Wrap up all your plates, refrigerate over night and take everything out the day of only. 

The Italian Section
Toasting Time!!!
Dessert section 
Me and Melissa 

Andre and I
my mom and mother in law <3
Andre and I with my godparents !
me and my sister!
Andre with his sister and mom

Liane , myself and Alexia <3

tears after the speach
the girls !
Andre and I with our amazing friends!

We had such an amazing time and couldn't have asked for a better engagement party! We have the most amazing family and friends! xoxo

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wow looks like an amazing engagement party!