Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Day -Splurge or Steal

 Looking for some last minute gift ideas for your lady? Below is a list of splurge & steal love-filled gifts for your better half! For the guys reading this who just realised Valentines day is Monday are welcome!
Barney's Heart Necklace 315$          Lola James Crazy in Love Necklace, $185
Forever 21 key pendant 4.80$          Tiffany Co. Key pendants 100$ -15,000$
Kate Spade Double bow ring -65$               Marc Jacobs Daisy studs - 48$
Juicy Couture Earing set 68$                      Heart Necklace -Aldo 14$
Steve Madden Pump -90$                             Christian Louboutin - 895$
Steve Madden Pump -130$                             Christian Louboutin - 895$
Vivienne Westwood Red Heart Heels 190$       Alexander McQueen Satin Pump 690$
                    Alexander Mcqueen 685$                       Coach Poppy Wristlet 78$                                                                      
Louis Vuitton Vernis wallet -700$     Louis Vuitton Heart Coin Purse 495$
LAMB Clutch 150$                                     Michael Kors Red Clutch 132$

 If gifts are not an option , girls love sweets!!

Ladies, some gift ideas for the guys in your life!
Military Boots -All Saints -128$            Aviator Sunglasses - Saks Fifth Ave 290$

Michael Kors Watch - 195$          King baby bracelet -Neiman Marcus - 435$

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