Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Favorite Things for March

Favorite Beauty Supplies for the Pre-Spring season!!
Morocan Oil- Hair Junkie and other hair salons in Ottawa
Keep the frizz to a minimum in rainy weather, Morocan Oil creates amazing shine and hydration to any type of hair. Just two small drops to dry or damp hair.
In Styler 100$ - Showcase (as seen on TV Store)
For the month when you seem to be having to straighten and style your hair all the time this easy, super fast, one step, wet-to-dry hair tool will save you many tantrums and tears. I let my hair air dry over night then use it in the morning. Amazing for any lengths of hair and leaves a great shine.

Sally Hansen - Salon Effects 
   No dry time, Just Peel, Apply and File! They last up to 10 days 
Smell like a spring princess with any of the Vera Wang - Princess Perfume Collection - i love them all!!
Most amazing mascara ever, no re-applying shedding or black tear drops. 
Chanel mascara -35$ , The Bay

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