Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Graduation en Vogue 2011

 Viva Graduation en Vogue 2011 was this Saturday and was an Amazing Show!! Over 2000 screaming party people went nuts for the fashion show which featured looks from Demu Label  and Style Exchange!
 Here are some pics of pre-show prep! we will post videos and photos of the show later this week! 

hair and Makeup pre-show

Run through Pre-show

Men's Demu Hoodie and Women's Demu Alice Tshirt 

Demu Paint Stripes hoodie and Vintage women's Marilyn Tshirt

Vintage Demu Women's Taylor tshirt 

Men's Paint Striped Hoodie

Demu's Alice in Wonderland Tshirt 

Demu's Graffiti Tshirt

Hair and Makeup pre-show

demu's graffiti hoodie and Hepburn tshirt 

Demu's pulp fiction tshirt

Huge crowd getting amped up for the fashion show 

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