Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let them Eat Cake !!

Upcoming trends in fashion will commonly be topics of conversation on the Demure Blog. Today however, is more on the subject of food! 
Cupcakes have without a doubt been the craze in the dessert department this year. The new trend in dessert inspiration will definitely stem from the queen of cake herself, Marie Antoinette. 
French macaroons (Macarons, in French) are the hottest thing in Europe right now!
These little delicious monsters will surely make their way over to Canada in the near future and take over the hearts of sugar-addicts everywhere. 

Christophe Russel in Paris 

Christophe Russel in Paris 

LaDuree macaron ice cream at Printemps in Paris 
Macarons from Christophe Russel 

Andre and I At Laduree, founders of the macaron, in Paris.

My macarons from Mont Tremblant , the only place to find them near Ottawa

At the Bar at Laduree in Paris 

Enjoying cocktails and signature macaron
Me and my desserts 

Andre and I at the Laduree Bar


Tinfoils Tiaras said...

You look stunning! Macaroons were everywhere when I was in the UK over X-mas but I never got around to trying one. The colours are so beautiful!

Melissa said...

You can find macarons at a few french bakery shops in Ottawa. One being the one on Murray St. at Dalhousie. They don't make them every day but nonetheless, when they are made - they are amazing! (My personal faves are raspberry and pistachio flavour).

Angie Fisher said...

Ah! thanks so much Melissa!! I will definitely go check that out! and I totally agree, pistachio is amazing!! When I was in Paris they had just introduced Mimosa ..I died lol