Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Closets

Ever heard of "Happy Wife = Happy Life" ? 
Well I believe the key to a happy wife is a happy closet. 
Organisation plays a huge factor on our emotions and state of mind everyday.
 If you make a conscious effort to minimize clutter in your life you will find yourself being less stressed out and generally more confident and happy. 
Start with your closet, this is a woman's sanctuary. Its the place where we keep some of our most cherished possessions. Why wouldn't you want to display these treasures in a charming way, rather than be in a pile on your floor? Leading a cluttered-messy life subconsciously plays a negative role on our psyche. 

Take this weekend to literally clean out your closet! get all the junk out! 
Step 1. Take out EVERYTHING from your closet and put it on your bed.
Step 2. Separate all the stuff you haven't worn in a year, and either give it to some girlfriends or to someone you think really needs it. You will feel good about doing such a good deed and cleaning out the "fluff" from your life.
Step 3. Make a plan, either organize by color or category. Create a system that you understand and will allow everything to have its place.
Step 4. One piece at a time, place (clean and steamed) clothing in your closet. 
Step 5. If you don't have one already...Get a shoe rack! organize and display these beauties! it will make you smile everytime you go into your closet!
Step 6. Get containers and bins for all jewelry and accessories. 

Tip : Take the lids on the bins. Make it EASY to put things away or you wont do it and things will end up back in that pile on the floor. 

Here is some inspiration, Some of the most beautiful closets from some of the most fashionable celebrities! 
Eva Longoria's Closet

Olivia Wilde's Closet

Jessica Alba's Closet

Olivia Palermo's Closet

Christina Ricci's Closet

Paula's Closet

Oprah's Closet
Mariah's Closet
Christina's Closet

Miley's Closet


Pop Champagne said...

I would LOVE to convert my second bedroom into my walk in closet- but I know that would be an unpractical idea. lol. Sigh. onee day :D

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

Gasp! How much would I love any of these wardrobes/closets? My boyfriend and I share the tiniest closet- is is quite annoying really!

A Certain Vintage said...

oh wow, i wonder how many of these women designed them themselves! olivia wilde's i think is my favourite! x