Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes - Best and Worst !

Best Dressed of the Night 
top 7 best dressed go to :

Sandy ....I love you . effortlessly gorgeous all the time ! Winner!

Anne Hathaway in a backless Armani Prive, hot as always! 
Emma Stone in Calvin Klein ..what an amazing color!!
Halle Berry in a Nina Ricci Mini Dress 

Angelina Stunning in Versace...Was it just me or was she a tad spacey at the awards? At least shes pretty ;)

Natalie Portman in Viktor & Rolf ...gorgeous dress...wrong colors but it awkwardly works 

Leighton Meester in Burberry..stunning (fab shoes ;)

And the Worst... 

January Jones.... im sorry , who are you?
 and why are you're bubbies...I mean you, wearing a lamp shade? 

Nathalie Portman looked beautiful in Black Swan ...
Tilda Swinton (troll-looking creature in picture above) looked like a retarded duck in Jil Sander

Julianne Moore in ...I refuse to Beleive this Lanvin ..yuck 

I'm embarrassed for her words.
Ok that's a lie. Two different colored shoes? really? whats with these worst dressed women thinking its ok to add insult to injury with footwear. If your outfit is a disaster just accept it and throw on some Louboutins and people will be less inclined to judge... it worked for J-Lo last night. 


Pop Champagne said...

lol I love your picks. and didn't know that she's got 2 colored shoes until you pointed it out!

Angie Fisher said...

Hahahaha!! I know, awful!