Monday, January 17, 2011

The Dilemma - movie review

If you were hoping for the next Stepbrothers or Wedding Crashers ...better luck next time. 
The Dilemma is the ultimate Bromance-chick flick. Which in my opinion, do not make a great combo. 
Its seems as though Vince Vaungh is a tad too much in touch with his feminine side lately and continuously blind sides viewers who think they are headed to a hilarious, ronchy, balls out, testosterone filled comedy like the movies we love him for.  
Although there are a few funny parts, its by no means a fall of your seat laugh out loud movie. The film takes an awkwardly sensitive turn after Vince finds out that his best friends wife is a two timin' Hoe! 
 The Dilemma was still quite entertaining and by no means a complete flop, 
I give this movie a B- 

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