Thursday, December 23, 2010

What a Year !!!

Every year around the beginning of January I get to thinking " where was I last year? what have I accomplished since then? where will I be and what will i be doing next year at this time?"

This past year has been filled with milestones and huge achievements. Its hard to believe how much I have accomplished and learned in such a seemingly small amount of time.

Between starting up a business from scratch with my boyfriend of 8 years, hosting fashion shows, photo shoots, parties and events to graduating from the school of Architecture at Carleton University and purchasing our first home all led to truly taking the first steps to staring my adult life.

Here is a look at the events of this past year to bring you up to speed.

Dec 11 2009 - Demu Premier Fashion Show at Lobby

Demu Label Fall/Winter 2009 Collection - Addicted

Demu attends Fashion Week in Las Vegas

Demu Label Launch Party and Fashion show and Demu Label Spring/ Summer 2010 campaign
S/S 2010 -Addicted II , Graduated from Architecture, Mercedez benz Fashion Week and Bread and Butter in Berlin

Demu meets DeadMau5 at bread and Butter Demu Goes to Paris - July 2010

Paris - July 2010

Angie's Models Showcase May 2010- War museum and Fashion Show at Mansion Nightclub

Fashion show at Mansion Nightclub -Oct 2010 and Demu and Kissette at Pure -Dec 2010

Demu Label at Pure Excitement -Dec 2010

Demu Shows at the War museum for Angie's Showcase

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